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Patching Some Things In DT3


  • Elpizo can only place 1 shield down now.
  • More birds... always more birds.
  • Double jump removed from WhattayaBrian's Bubble Tower - B Side map.
  • If the second super boss is beaten, a new door opens in Bubble Tower - B Side. (It's a silly door that opens and the challenge inside is not meant to be beatable, like a few of the other maps on the lower floor of the B Side.)
  • Resetting bosses in the boss gallery should now always fully restore all ammo.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes thank you so much.
Elpizo was one of my least favourite bosses due to him just being able to completely cut you off like that but this should make him significantly more fun.

P-Star7 said...

Hi ZephyrBurst. Are you planning to make Nintendo fangames in the future? Because I want you to know that they consider them illegal.

ZephyrBurst said...

No, DT3 was the last sprite rip game I would make. I still do updates to it from time to time, but no new games I make will use stolen content.